Historical Preservation Trust

The Historical Preservation Trust has been established provide funds for the restoration and maintenance of our heritage of the landmark buildings.  The principal purpose of The Trust is preserving the historical and architectural features as well as the unique characters of these buildings.  Since its inception The Trust has provided $1,329,928.31 for restoration and preservation to date.

You are invited to become a donor/benefactor to The Woman’s  Club of Fort Worth Historical Preservation Trust.  The Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are considered tax-deductible.  You have several options at the time you make your gift.  All unrestricted/undesignated gifts are placed in the principle of the Trust.  If you do prefer to direct or restrict your gift, you can designate your gift to either the Capital Improvements Fund or Major Repairs Fund.  The Trust would love to  recognize your generosity…

Giving Levels

Cherub                            $100-$499

Diamond                         $500-$999

Angel                              $1000-2499

Grown Jewel                    $2500-$4999

Star                                $5000-$14,999

Guardian Angel               $15,000-$24,999

Arch-Angel                      $25000-$49,999

Gabriel Archangel            $50,000-$99,999

Seraphim                        $1000,000 to.....

Please stop by the business office to make your gifts, memorials, and honorariums.



President- Aileen Gauntt

Treasurer- Shirley Zilke

Trustee- Ann Springer

Trustee- Jenny Crabtree

Trustee- Annette Blaschke

Trustee- Debbie Banks

Trustee- Shari Harris

Trustee Emeritus- Lilian O'Neill


1923 heirloom society

As you reflect on how you have benefited from membership in The Woman’s Club, we hope you’ll consider taking the steps necessary to leave a gift to Historical Preservation Trust from your estate. This is a lovely way to forever benefit the trust, and help guarantee that The Woman’s Club buildings are preserved to maintain for future generations of club women.  Specifics about The Trust and the letter of intention forms are available from the business office.


The Woman's Club of Fort Worth Historical Preservation Trustees would like to thank the following individuals for their generous financial support that keeps our facilities well preserved for future generations to enjoy!








Grown Jewel 






Guardian Angel  






Gabriel Archangel




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