• Ashley Paz

Stretch Your Gift with NTX Giving Day!

North Texas Giving Day is approaching quickly, and we are thrilled that this year our Historical Preservation Trust will be a recipient! But what does this mean exactly? North Texas Giving Day is an online giving event that provides nonprofits the opportunity to gain exposure to — and start relationships with — new donors, and for people in North Texas to come together to raise as much money as possible for local nonprofits. This event allows North Texans to maximize the impact of their gift dollars by matching gift funds up to a certain percentage. (The more the event raises, the higher the percentage!) This handy video helps explain how the whole thing works:

You can schedule your gift TODAY by going to https://www.northtexasgivingday.org/wcfwhpt and clicking the big green "Donate Now" button. Your gift of at least $25 will help The Woman's Club of Fort Worth Historical Preservation Trust raise money to pay for important upcoming repairs such as replacing the leaking roof over the Tea Room and replacing a commercial HVAC unit in Shelton Hall (a combined expense of nearly $80,000). Our fundraising goal for the next two years is $250,000 to replenish our dwindling HPT funds so we are prepared for future major repairs and renovations.

Would you like to join your peers as an ambassador for The Woman's Club of Fort Worth to promote our organization during this online giving event? We have some easy ways for you to lend a hand!

You can be a catalyst, communicator and a donor care leader in the following ways:

  • Following our Facebook Page and Instagram Account and sharing posts about #NTxGivingDay.

  • Watching the North Texas Giving Day Board Engagement Video (Included below, you don’t have to be a board member to participate!)

  • Asking my friends and colleagues to connect with TWC on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Sending an appeal letter to your contacts and fellow club members.

  • Phoning people you know and ask them to join in giving to our organization.

  • Phoning current donors even if you don’t know them, to ask them to consider a gift on North Texas Giving Day.

  • Providing names and contact information of prospective donors to staff so we can build our mailing list.

  • Emailing your network to save the date for North Texas Giving Day with a statement about why The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth is important to you.

  • Posting on my social media about why you give on North Texas Giving Day

On September 20 you can help our North Texas Giving Day efforts by:

  • Promoting our campaign by forwarding emails and liking, commenting and sharing social media posts. Making an online donation at www.NorthTexasGivingDay.org.

  • Asking your friends and colleagues to donate to our organization on North Texas Giving Day.

  • Hosting a party/event at which I will ask my friends to donate.

Following North Texas Giving Day, you can be a donor care leader by:

  • Sending thank you cards and letters to our North Texas Giving Day donors.

  • Making calls to thank our North Texas Giving Day donors.

  • Sharing with your network how much money was raised by this initiative, and how these funds will be used to promote our mission.

Thank you for your support!


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