Who is Junior Woman's Club?

The Junior Woman's Club of Fort Worth, a club of The Woman's Club of Fort Worth, was founded in 1926 to provide young women an avenue to learn and develop different skill sets. Today, this still rings true as the organization has been able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of its membership to offer resources for personal development, leadership, and friendship. The membership consists of women age 21-40.

Members gain access to these benefits by joining one or more of our 12 groups. For more information on these groups, CLICK HERE.

For more information about Junior Woman's Club, please reach out to President Sara Whitney at president@jwcfw.com or CLICK HERE to visit our Web site.
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JWC Leadership


President - Sara Whitney
1st VP Membership - Katie Giacomini
2nd VP Ways & Means - Callie Keyser
3rd VP Community Action - Kristen Reuter
4th VP Social - Christina Brinker
5th VP Communications - Olivia Ash
Treasurer - Alex Wiseman
Parliamentarian - KD Bressman
Recording Secretary - Michelle Cefaretti
Director - Sara Joseph
Executive Advisor - Kim Carb


Archives & Property - Brittany Taylor
Assistant Membership - Mary-Kate Reese
Assistant Ways & Means - Ashlyn Lawson
Assistant Community Action - Lauren Jancoski
Assistant Social - Tess Sherman
Assistant Communications - Mallory Unger
Assistant Treasurer - Phoenix Berry Woods
Corresponding Secretary - Ashley Banning
Easter Tea - Meg Moffer &Rebeca Morales
Historian - Ty Herndon-Willis
House & Grounds - Rachel Woodall
Informal - TBD
Legacy - Becky Esher
Orientation - Rosie Rodriguez & Catie Pheifer
Transfers - Crystal Rehling Riveria
Webmaster - Alexandra Tan
The Woman's Club of Fort Worth President - Annette Blaschke



[P] Maggie Fitzpatrick
[A] Julia Malin


[P] Trina Hooker
[A] Amy Smiley

Culinary Arts

[P] Mallory Unger

[A] Lynn Hayes


[P] Jamie Sager
[A] Tracie Eschberger


[P] Mary Michelle Young
[A] Royette Hance


[P] Sam Araujo
[A] Darla Jones


[P] Marla Read
[A] DeeDee Schwartz


[P] Ty Herndon-Willis
[A] Wendy Bell


[P] Jackie Mersch
[A] Denise Collins

Speech Drama

[P] Betsy Thomas
[A] Pam Poteet


[P] Leila Bailey
[A] Karen Abrams

JWC Website

We invite you to learn more about the Junior Woman's Club of Fort Worth by clicking on their Web site link HERE