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Any dues-paying member of The Woman's Club may participate in as many of the 13 departments as they find interesting. The departments offer a variety of activities such as gardening, book club, art, Mah Jongg, needlework and yoga. Dates and times can be found each month in the Courier as listed. Members are not required to be invited to join the departments, as is necessary in the clubs, and may attend department meetings as often as they wish. A few of the departments such as art or yoga will require a registration process as capacity allows, so members may want to check with the department chair before a visit. 

Departments are led by a president, do not have attendance requirements and operate using Standing Rules, whereas the clubs as led by a president and function under their club's Bylaws. 


Purpose: To encourage personal growth and knowledge through programs, and in harmony with The Woman's Club.


The Art Department is a place for women to express their artistic talents through instruction and experience.  The art classes include various mediums; watercolor, oil painting, acrylics, pastels and more.  Each art teacher is experienced with varied gifts and talents to help pull out each students' gifts.  The artists range from beginner to advanced but will improve through the instructive, creative classes. The students have opportunities to show their art through an annual art show, gallery tea room showings and Adventures Holiday Show & Sale. Come take a look at The Art Department with new, state-of-the-art renovations.


Game Schedule: Bon Vingt (1st and 3rd Monday); Tuesday Bridge (1st and 3rd Tuesday); Bridge Study (Wednesdays)


Game Schedule: Tuesdays

CHHiKs to Lunch

Purpose: To learn and grow through a series of varied programs and speakers all joining friends of The Woman's Club once a month over lunch.

Creative Writing

Purpose: To stimulate interest in writing prose and poetry and to further foster interest in literature. 


The Garden Department is a group of women who are ever mindful of the precious gifts we have on this earth and take the time to cultivate and appreciate them. We range in expertise from Master Gardeners to ladies who just love beautiful containers on a patio. We learn from each other and enjoy wonderful field trips to places like The Botanic Gardens, Weston Gardens, and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas. Our programs are always fun and informative with diverse topics such as dealing with garden pests, attracting birds and butterflies, and incorporating aspects of European gardens into our personal gardens. Every year we have a project to raise money for The Woman's Club grounds and we maintain the plantings around the fairy statue at the entrance of the Club.

Good Books! Good Friends!

Calling all bibliophiles!  Come join us at Good Books! Good Friends!  on the second Thursday of the month.  We are a group that enjoys reading from all genres.  Each year our members choose six books from nonfiction to classics.  Each selection is then presented by a member who shares information regarding the author along with a group discussion of the book.  All discussion is voluntary so you are welcome to be as chatty or quiet as you like.  While we would love for you to read the book, we would be just as delighted to have you join us.  We receive amazing insights from our books and each other.  We support The Center for Transforming Lives by donating many of the books we have read.  Please join us for reading and fun!


LifeStyles is a wonderful group of ladies who enjoy programs concerning interior decorating, fashion, travel, table decorations, organizing, and shopping experiences.  We also look at alternative living opportunities, health and safety and much more.  Speakers are invited to present programs at The Woman’s Club, and we sometimes go on field trips in the city and nearby areas.  Everyone is welcome to join our department, and we look forward to receiving members.  We meet on the first Monday of each month during October through December and February through May.

Mah Jongg

The MahJongg Department is one of the largest departments in our club. Our weekly game brings us together for fun, laughter (great snacks) and the challenge of mastering a game we love.  You need not be a master-level player to join.  We welcome new members, regardless of your skill level. If you have never played, we host beginner lessons at designated times during the year. MahJongg is a game of skill, strategy, and calculation, and involves a degree of chance.  Don’t miss out.  Join our huge “Joy Luck Club” and we will show you what all the hype is about.  Mahjongg is the best therapy! 


Purpose: To join in fellowship and comaraderie over a love of needlework crafts. 

Rockettes Tap

Purpose: To promote good health through exercise while learning the art of tap dancing.


Purpose: To pursue the study and enjoyment of the theater arts, music, drama and dance through appreciation and performance. 


Purpose: Tavolo means "table top" in Italian. Gather around the table where games are played, meals are shared, laughter is heard and memories are made! This department focuses on playing a variety of games.

Yoga Divas

Ready to begin your Club year doing something really good for your body and mind? Yoga Divas has a deal for you!  Among other things, yoga increases flexibility, muscle strength and tone and improves your energy and balance. Studies show that yoga can also improve mood and help with depression.  Even if you do yoga just one hour a week, you will notice some of these benefits. We encourage people at all levels of yoga, from those who have never done yoga to those who have practiced for years, to join us. Yoga Divas has three 10 - 12 week sessions during the Club year (cost per session TBA). We meet on Mondays at 6:15 p.m. in Anna Shelton Hall or Fridays, at 10:30 a.m. in Margaret Meacham Hall. 
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