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Clubs of Limited Membership

A club of limited membership is defined as a club composed only of those members who pay dues to The Woman's Club of Fort Worth. With the exception of the Etta Newby Club, those wishing to join a club of limited membership must be invited and accepted by a vote of the club members. All dues-paying members of The Woman's Club are automatically members of the Etta Newby Club and Night Newby and are welcome to attend the meetings and all club-wide events. 

Etta Newby Club

Etta Newby Club is the official club for all members and all dues paying members of The Woman’s Club are considered members.  The club is known for lovely luncheons and the presentation of high-quality programs. In any given year meeting attendees have the opportunity to enjoy interesting programs on a wide variety of topics (lectures, musical presentations, book reviews, history, and much more).  Club meetings begin with a social time beginning 11:30 a.m., prior to luncheon and program that begins at noon.  Luncheon reservations are required, but seating is always available for those choosing not to eat. Meetings are held in Anna Shelton Hall on the third (3rd) Tuesday of each month -- October thru April.  Luncheon reservations may be made by contacting 5th Vice President on or before the Wednesday prior to the scheduled meeting.

Night Newbys

Night Newbys is the evening extension of Etta Newby Club and all members of The Woman’s Club are considered members of Night Newbys. The club meets on the first (1st) Tuesday of each month -- October thru May. Attendees gather at 6 p.m. for a social time with meetings and programs on a wide variety of topic starting at 6:30 p.m. Reservations are not required and you are encouraged to attend and meet vibrant and interesting women committed to community service.

'93 Club

’93 Club is celebrating 127 years of fun, facts and folly!  Our topic this year is the “Curtain Up: Light the Lights!” - the History of Theatre in Fort Worth from early Vaudeville to present day avant guard Amphibian Stage and everything in between!  Join us because we believe “Knowledge is Power” and we are “Powerful Interesting Women!”
One of the original 11 charter clubs that founded The Woman's Club of Fort Worth in 1923.

About the Vine

Purpose: To enhance personal and cultural growth through the study of all things about wine including wine education, history, culinary aspects and entertaining.

All About Town

Purpose: To enjoy the culture of Fort Worth with friends through new restaurants and boutiques.

Amor de Vida

Purpose: To love life in Fort worth by incorporating beauty and fashion into the exploration of dining, cultural and entertainment opportunities the city officers. 

Aquarius '70

Aquarius ’70 blossomed from JWC transfers in April 1970 and we continue to flourish with stimulating programs to enrich our minds and bodies. Each year our president selects a charity to be the beneficiary of our hearts and funds. We tend to be loud and rowdy with lots of laughter and love for each other. Aquarius ’70 even meets in the summer for lunch!!
It may not be the “Age of Aquarius” any longer but we would love to have you join our spirit of joy! Please come calling on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the months…October through April.

Beaux Arts Club

Beaux Arts is a group whose members enjoy the study of the fine arts. Our focus includes literature, dramatics, art, and music. We also believe very strongly in the promotion of civic welfare. Our programs feature a wide variety of topics such as Steinway pianos, The Bass Hall, Texas suffragettes, local architecture, jewelry, and the history of afternoon tea. We take field trips and socialize throughout the year with luncheons and parties. This year our ladies have chosen to support the Ladder Alliance which is an organization designed to help underprivileged and abused women find jobs and housing. We meet the first Friday of every month, and we extend a personal invitation to you to join us.

Bella Cosa Club

In Italian, Bella Cosa refers to a beautiful thing… and that’s how our members feel about our club. Bella Cosa is a group of vibrant, fun-loving ladies who celebrate the joy of friendship while learning about gourmet cuisine, wine, travel, and a delightful variety of other programs that range from pampering to entertaining tips. Bella Cosa meets the fourth Tuesday of the month in the evening, so it is especially convenient for those with busy schedules. We welcome new friends who wish to explore the beauty of life while building rewarding relationships!

Bon Appetit

“Bon Appetit!” causes visions of sitting down to delicious food shared with friends, laughing and lingering over a glass of wine. If this is a scene you enjoy creating and being part of, come visit Bon Appetit. Programs include kitchen skills, demonstrations by area chefs, dining in local restaurants to learn something new about wines or flavors. Our yearly donations to charity include food to help or heal. This year we will both provide lunch for volunteers at a Habitat for Humanity work day and help stock the student pantry at Texas Wesleyan. Meeting are held on the third Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

Cadmean Club

In Greek mythology, Cadmus is credited with introducing the Phoenician alphabet to Greece.  Following Cadmus’ example, the Cadmean Club provides opportunities for cultural advancement by studying topics such as “Women of History:  The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful.”  Unlike Cadmus, who lived an awful life because he annoyed Zeus, the Cadmean ladies have a lot of fun:  We eat; we laugh; we learn; we do community service; we like each other.  Visitors are welcome, and like our members, you will probably leave with a smile on your face.

Club Bon Soir

Purpose: To promote the enrichment and development of the individual through the study and participation in the fine arts and general arts.  

Club Fidelite

Club Fidelite’ is the epitome of a group meeting to promote loyal friendships and integrity among women.  While using friendship as a vehicle to better educate and support each other, this club meets once a month to discuss and plan strong participation in our community’s cultural and civic events. With museum visits, coffee and wine socials, and presentations from powerful women in our community, join us as we move forward to make a positive difference in Fort Worth!

Creative Arts Club

Creative Arts is a club whose members enjoy crafts and time spent creating together. Our programs might include making holiday decor, a field trip to learn to paint pottery, drip painting spring flower pots, or a variety of ideas that our members find interesting.  We also enjoy making useful items for our community, such as cozy, no-sew blankets for veterans and soft pillows for Cook Children’s Medical Center. Our meetings in the Hobby room or out in the community always find us laughing and enjoying working together.  You do not need to be an artist to participate, so come and enjoy the fun!

E. Clyde Whitlock

Purpose: To uphold high musical standards and ideals through performance.

Et Cetera

Purpose: To stimulate self-enrichment and cultural growth through study and participation in fashion, decorating, art, music and civic involvement in keeping with the stated purpose of The Woman's Club.


The rich variety of ideas, programs, and social events that Exposé Club enjoys every year can be sensed in a sampling of themes chosen by club Presidents: Celebrate Always; Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go;, The Sweet Life, Adventure Awaits, and Grateful Hearts. A group that enjoys social gatherings, Exposé balances its desire to establish lasting bonds with programs that enlighten as well as entertain. Topics range from etiquette to human trafficking; from fine arts and book reviews to volunteering at the food bank. Exposé Club seeks to have fun and also serve the community, particularly organizations devoted to helping women and children.

Fleur de Lis

Purpose: To promote lasting friendships among members through the study of social development and enrichment through participation in local, cultural, civic and community activities. 

Friday Lecture Club

Friday Lecture Club is comprised of members who enjoy learning about various topics presented by speakers from various backgrounds.  Join us for thought provoking programs about art, culture, drama, history, music and much more to promote the development of one’s mind or capacities through one’s own efforts.  Enjoy lunching together with members after the programs.  Go on periodic field trips to local art museums, cultural areas of the community and give back to the community by supporting SafeHaven of Tarrant County, our designated project.


Fusion is a dynamic, high-energy group of Woman's Club and Junior Woman's Club members. Many of us have recently “crossed the garden.” We’re modern women who can’t wait to call a sitter, leave work, and meet up with girlfriends - whether we’re crafting cocktails at a lounge or viewing art at a museum. Our programs cover food, fashion, decorating, wellness, entertainment, and more; we especially love to support women-owned businesses. We balance good causes with good fun, so we might stuff Christmas stockings for a charity and then get on a party bus to tour holiday lights. Come check us out!

History Club

The History Club will wake up your quest for history! Our members dig into the past to present programs about interesting people, events, places, and things like inventions that touch us all today. We take field trips to museums and historic places. We socialize with Wine and Cheese events and luncheons. We are anything but dull! As an original club of TWCFW, we honor that legacy by promoting learning, fellowship, and fun! Our ladies both singularly and collectively, volunteer as well as donate to local charities. Try us! You might get hooked on us and on the past too! 
One of the original 11 charter clubs that founded The Woman's Club of Fort Worth in 1923.

Junior Woman's Club

Purpose: To promote the study of literature, fine arts, homemaking and gardening, and the advancement of education and civic welfare.

La Maison

Hop a train to Grapevine; Join a “Girls’ Night Out;” Study the First Amendment; Meet the ultimate Texan, Amon Carter; Taste test chocolate; Tour the Dickies Arena. All of that can happen in La Maison—You will be surprised as you learn about subjects as diverse as Pickleball to human trafficking. Come join us.  We want to meet you and have you learn and have fun with us!

Monday Book Club

Reading a good book can bring joy to your life. The women of Monday Book Club love to read! Each year we have a different theme, from Texas Our Texas to Books That Can Change Your Life. We enjoy talking about books whenever we can. Supporting Read Fort Worth has continued our goal of helping others since we were first organized in 1896. If you love to read; this club is for you!
One of the original 11 charter clubs that founded The Woman's Club of Fort Worth in 1923.

Nautilus Club

The Nautilus Club’s unofficial motto is “I think Texans have more fun than the rest of the world”!  Our meetings include programs on cooking, gardening, decorating, healthy living, fashion and community involvement. Each year we also take a field trip to an interesting Fort Worth location. Our charity is The Center for Transforming Lives. A scholarship is also given each year to a TCU Nursing student. Please visit us on the 2nd and 4th Fridays, Shuman Hall, 10 a.m. social, and 10:30 meeting.

Penelope Club

Ancient Greek history identifies Penelope as the Queen of Ithaca and the virtuous wife of Odysseus.  Described as very constant and faithful, Penelope was actively in touch with a range of matters of importance to women.  She was a symbol of “all that is right, just, and fulfilling.” The women who organized the Penelope Club in 1901 were strong and faithful with visions of matters of importance to women.  Today, our members strive to continue these traditions through our programs and activities.  Our course of study is “Enriching our Lives” as we form strong bonds of FRIENDSHIP and caring.   
One of the original 11 charter clubs that founded The Woman's Club of Fort Worth in 1923.

Provarsu Study Club

Meaning: Programs of Various Subjects
Provarsu holds true to those promises where members are afforded opportunities to learn, to think, to be entertained, insightful book reviews, music presentations, and to be educated on interesting and current topics.
Provarsu, an altruistic club, where members share their bounty by adopting a family each year, providing food for holiday meals and Christmas toys for children. Other projects have provided student scholarships, offering a pathway to complete their degree. Being a member of Provarsu is an honor where friendships bloom. Join us! Our door is open.


Renaissance’s focus on the advancement of its members through intellectual and cultural studies, personal growth, and social service has resulted in strong women ready to answer the calls of their friends, their club, The Woman’s Club, and the community at large. Renaissance members respond with generous hearts to meet needs that arise on every front, and their support of one another creates a solid foundation of friendship, camaraderie and caring. Meetings always inform and foster personal growth, and the club’s outstanding social events create the perfect atmosphere for merriment and celebration. 

Sorosis Club

SOROSIS, since 1903, one of the oldest clubs and a charter club of The Woman's Club.  Miss Anna Shelton, the founder and the first President of The Woman's Club, represented the Sorosis Club as our Director on the Board.  Organized for the pursuit of study as a means of intellectual development by bringing together women of accomplishment in art, travel, literature, science and current affairs.  Our charitable donations range from bond drives during wartime, homelessness in our community and scholarships. Sorosis, Latin for sister, combines unique individuals with a common purpose of enriching and inspiring each other and our community.
One of the original 11 charter clubs that founded The Woman's Club of Fort Worth in 1923.

Spectrum Club

Spectrum is filled with friendly, fascinating women with rich life experiences.  Anytime we get together, our conversation is lively and laughter bubbles out of the room because this is more than just a Woman's Club meeting - it's a get-together of close friends who truly enjoy one another's company.   We are a group of women who are actively involved in our community and support a wide variety of Fort Worth nonprofits, particularly The Center for Transforming Lives. If you want to belong to a group where you will be warmly welcomed and made to feel like family, Spectrum is the place for you.

The Round Table

The Round Table was first formed in 1923 with thirteen members as The Woman’s Luncheon Club.  It changed its name to The Round Table in 1924.  It became part of The Woman’s Club in 1991.  Its purpose is to promote interest in the best thought, Literature, and news of the day.  Its project is an annual scholarship to a deserving nursing student at TCU.  This year’s programs cover a wide range of topics ranging from a local novelist, a local historian telling of Hell’s Half Acre, to a musical program on the history of the Beatles.

Venture Club

Purpose: To instruct members in creating decorative items for personal or home use while encouraging friendships through luncheons and social events. 

Women of the Arts Club

Purpose: To promote as well as support art education; and to provide opportunities through study, lectures, and workshops to develop creative minds, broaden skillsets and to teach members to think and express as they learn, experience and improve their knowledge of the world of arts. 

Woman's Shakespeare Club

The Woman’s Shakespeare Club, one of the eleven charter clubs that founded the Woman’s Club in 1923, is a group of women who make “much ado” about Shakespeare. We choose a Shakespearean play annually to study, read aloud, share knowledge, critique, discuss, and expound. “As you like,” we visit Shakespearean plays, take day trips to lectures, and exhibitions, and have formal tea as we study. You don’t have to know a thing about Shakespeare, just have a curious mind. You’ll love the intellect, the ardent passion of characters, the contrast of the “infectious pestilence” and “love’s labour’s lost.” When you study Shakespeare “measure for measure,” you’ll find “all’s well that ends well.” Yes, we do have fun! 
One of the original 11 charter clubs that founded The Woman's Club of Fort Worth in 1923.

Woman's Wednesday Club

The Woman’s Wednesday Club is a group who revel in researching a new Course of Study topic yearly. This year, we are exploring A 2020 Look Back at 1920. While we know that not everyone loves researching and presenting, we are a perfect match for those who do. The Club, founded to foster arts and literature in The City of Cowboys and Culture, continues to contribute to cultural organizations and awards scholarships at TCU, TWU, and TCC.  At 131 years old, we are the oldest continuously functioning Woman’s club in Fort Worth and welcome others who relish research.
One of the original 11 charter clubs that founded The Woman's Club of Fort Worth in 1923.

Clubs of Unlimited Membership

There are three clubs designated below as clubs of "unlimited membership," each of which may have members that do not pay dues to The Woman's Club. These clubs consist of Fort Worth Federation, Euterpean Club and Harmony Club; and, although most of their members do pay dues to The Woman's Club, it is an option. These clubs are part of the original clubs to sign the charter and were allowed into The Woman's Club of Fort Worth under special exemptions. 

The General Federation of Women's Clubs -
Fort Worth

General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) was founded in 1890,  yet it can trace it roots to 1868. Professional Journalist, Jane Cunningham Croly, was turned away from a dinner held to honor Charles Dickens.  The all-male Press Club denied her admittance solely due to her gender.  Croly’s response to this insult was to form her own club. In 1889 Sorosis, a club lead by Jane Croly, invited women’s clubs from across the nation to attend a convention in New York City. It was there, on April 24, 1890, that 63 clubs joined together to form the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. Our General Federation of Women’s Clubs – Fort Worth (GFWC-Fort Worth) was founded in 1898, and it was one of the charter clubs when The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth was founded in 1923.
One of the original 11 charter clubs that founded The Woman's Club of Fort Worth in 1923.

Euterpean Club

The Euterpean Club is named for Euterpe, the Greek goddess of music. We belong to the National Federation of Music Clubs and use their guidelines to plan programs that include study and performance in areas such as American Music, Strings, Jazz, Opera, Sacred Music, and Dance, among others. Founded in 1896, the Euterpean Club is the oldest music club in Fort Worth and is a founding club of The Woman’s Club. You do not have to be a musician or a member of The Woman’s Club to join. We give a scholarship annually to a local college music major.
One of the original 11 charter clubs that founded The Woman's Club of Fort Worth in 1923.

Harmony Club

Harmony Club is a place where friends gather to enjoy one another and their love of music.  There are musical performances, book reviews about music, and delightful student performers who are recipients of scholarships awarded by the club yearly. You do not need to be a musician to join the club; everyone is welcome.  Come to enjoy the programs, and perhaps, you will meet a few new friends.  If you are interested in singing, the Harmony Club Chorus meets weekly, October through mid-May at 9:30 am on Wednesdays in Shuman Hall.  Add something new and joyful to your schedule.  They would love to have you!
One of the original 11 charter clubs that founded The Woman's Club of Fort Worth in 1923.
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