A Legacy of Leadership

Women empowering women through personal, professional, and social growth Since 1923


Empowering and supporting the Fort Worth Woman by engaging her through various cultural, professional, and philanthropic programs.


The Woman's Club of Fort Worth was founded in 1923 when eleven study clubs, several of which were formed before 1900, united to form a collective front around a common goal.  Today The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth is made up of 39 member clubs and 14 departments which focus on various areas of study.  Our mission is to foster the cultural and civic advancement of our community, and the promotion of the study of literature, history, science, painting, music and other fine arts.


The Woman's Club of Fort Worth was founded in 1923 when eleven study clubs organized for the following purpose:

  • To empower women through educational programming in the areas of literature, history, science, science, fine arts, and other areas of personal and professional development;

  • To support and actively participate in service projects that are aligned with the mission and purpose of The Club;

  • At all times maintain and support an educational environment through its library, lectures, discussions, and meetings for the improvement and development of its members and the community;

  • Maintain and preserve the historical buildings and properties belonging to the club.


The Woman’s Club of Fort Worth leads our mission with the following core values:

  • We are a safe and welcome space for women of all backgrounds to learn and share through subjects of common interest.

  • We maintain a professional atmosphere that supports and empowers women to grow personally, professionally, and socially.

  • We are responsible for the care and upkeep of our historic property as a venue for our Club community, and as a revenue stream to sustain our mission. Care should be made to maintain the historic integrity of our buildings.

  • We have a social responsibility to engage strategically in civic and community leadership projects. Giving back through social causes is central to the growth of our club and our members

  • We respect all members and will not permit a toxic culture that engages in the spread of rumors, gossip, or bullying toward any member or employee.

Woman's club staff

Ashley Paz, Executive Director

Executive Director

Ashley Paz


Manager of Finance and Development-
Lauren Doeren
Club and Sales Coordinator
Raven Summers

Executive Assistant-
Cassi Miles

Board of Directors

Aileen Gauntt
Nautillus Club
Wendy Bell
1st VP, Membership
All About Town
Debbie Banks
2nd VP Facilities
Kathryn Bryan
3rd VP Ways & Means
Annette Blaschke
4th VP Communications
Etta Newby Club
Shari Harris
Club Bon Soir
Ann Springer
Recording Secretary
93 Club
Pamela Gann
Corresponding Sec.
Sorosis Club
Dell Smajstrla
Bon Appetit
Joyce Beard
Jane Boone
Monday Book Club
Trish Bowen
Anita Daniel
History Club
Patricia Graczyk
E. Clyde Whitlock
Peggy Grandey
Venture Club
Rachel Goldman
La Maison
Diana Gunther
Sandra Liser
Et Cetera
Sara Lukeheart
Junior Woman's Club
Martha Lunday
Sue Jones
Creative Arts
Lisa Kennedy
About the Vine
Carolyn King
Aquarius '70
Michelle Mayfield
62 Club
Ann Maddox
Woman's Shakespeare
Sharon Mayes
Friday Lecture
Tammy McKinney
Bella Cosa
Marsha Moore
Fleur de Lis
Kathy Moriarty
Michelle Payne
Lois Pumphrey
Galaxy Club
Sandra Renfro
Dee Dee Schwartz
Jacque Stone
Club Fidelite'
Lois Truax
Anne Schaub
Woman's Wednesday Club
Valerie Unger
Beaux Arts
Lori Walker
Amor de Vida
Nora Bender
Past President
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