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The Woman's Club of Fort Worth is delighted to announce its partnership with Panther City BBQ, naming the acclaimed barbecue joint as the exclusive club caterer. This collaboration promises to elevate the culinary experience for club members and guests, combining the rich history and tradition of The Woman's Club with the bold and authentic flavors for which Panther City BBQ is renowned. Panther City BBQ, known for its commitment to quality ingredients and expertly crafted barbecue, will bring signature dishes and innovative menu options to The Woman's Club of Fort Worth. Members can look forward to a diverse range of offerings that showcase the best of Texas cuisine. "We are thrilled to welcome Panther City BBQ as our official club caterer," said Jody Smith, President of The Woman's Club of Fort Worth." Their dedication to excellence in food preparation aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing exceptional experiences for our members and guests. We believe this partnership will enhance the overall dining experience at The Woman's Club and contribute to the sense of community and camaraderie that defines our organization." Panther City BBQ's team, led by Chris Magallanes and Ernest Morales, is excited to collaborate with The Woman's Club to curate special menus for club events, weddings, and various gatherings. The partnership aims to provide not only a memorable dining experience but also a seamless and professional catering service for all occasions hosted at The Woman's Club of Fort Worth. "We are honored to be selected as the official caterer for The Woman's Club of Fort Worth," said Chris Magallanes, Co-owner of Panther City BBQ. "Our team is passionate about delivering exceptional food experiences, and we look forward to creating memorable moments for club members and their guests. We are committed to upholding the high standards of The Woman's Club and contributing to the success of their events." The partnership between Panther City BBQ and The Woman's Club of Fort Worth officially begins on December 1, 2023. Lunch will be served on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., beginning on January 8, 2024, and will eventually expand to service five days each week. Members and guests can anticipate a culinary journey that celebrates the best of Fort Worth's barbecue heritage and modern gastronomy. About Panther City BBQ: Panther City BBQ, located in the heart of Fort Worth, is a celebrated barbecue establishment known for its commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation. With a menu that showcases the best of Texas barbecue, Panther City BBQ has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. For more information, visit

Margaret Meacham Hall
Panther City BBQ Named Offical Club Caterter for TWCFW
Panther City BBQ
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